6 Reasons Why Mongolia is the Ultimate Horse Riding Destination.

Mongolia is a land that epitomizes everything horse, landscapes made for galloping into the distance, and a culture that eats, breathes and sleeps horses.
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Essential Guide to Horse Riding in Mongolia.

In this article I want to share some tips and advice that I have gleaned over the years, from the horses and saddles, to who should go, when and where to ride.
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5 Reasons Why Mongolia is an Inspirational Travel Destination.

Here’s a few good reasons why I believe Mongolia is such an inspirational destination, accompanied by a set of stunning photos by Mongolian photographer Bayar Balgantseren.
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7 Lessons I Learned On A Winter Expedition In Mongolia.

In March 2015 I embarked on a three week ski expedition in Northern Mongolia. This was a cross-country ski expedition, on nordic backcountry skis, in the Hovgsol region of Northern Mongolia, bordering Siberia.
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The Dukha: An In Depth Guide To Mongolia's Reindeer Herders.

The Dukha or Tsaatan reindeer herders are one of Mongolia’s most iconic communities. In this article I provide extensive background on who they are, where they live, and advice on traveling to visit them.
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